Takashimizu Kimoto w/box

Region: Akita
Brewery: Akita Shurui Seizoh
Value on Sake scale: +4
Alcohol: 15-16
Suggested Serve with: Rich flavored dishes, Sashimi, Kouyatofu, Dashimaki-tamago and sushi.
Flavor Profile: Elegant and soft fragrance with moderate acidity. Enjoy the mellow body and round taste.

Takashimizu literally means “high spring water”. In Akita city, there is an area called “Takashimizu hill” which is famous for a lot of spring water, and there is also still a sacred fountain called “Takashimizu”. This fountain is well known as limpid water.

Size: 1.8 L Bottle Sizes
Price: US$51.00

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