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Custom printed Ki Masu (wood Sake drinking cups)

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Printed In English Printed Ki Masu (wooden cups) Printed in Japanese
Draft 1
Printed in English
Printed Ki Masu
(wood cups)
Draft 2
Printed in Japanese
Imported Japanese Ki Masu (plain cedar cups) @ $8.50 each
1-go size, 3 3/8" W x 3 3/8" L x 2 1/8" H (holds 180 ml = 6.087 oz.)

1. Custom printing directly on Shochikubai or plain cups
Shochikubai cups have the company logo on 2 sides (1 side in English, 1 side in Japanese)

2. Custom engraving directly on Shochikubai or plain cups

Ready artworkmust be received, at least, one month prior to the requested delivery date.

Please contact us for the most recent prices.

Absolutely, no returns or refunds on custom printed or engraved cup orders.

All prices are subject to change. Tax applies on all CA orders. Rush orders add $50.00
UPS ship charges will be determined on a per order basis.

For detailed order information, please contact
Please include your name, type of event, date of event, state and the quantity of your order.