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Hakkaisan TJ

Region: Niigata
Brewery: Hakkai Shuzo Co.
Value on Sake scale: + 5
Alcohol: 15.5
Suggested Serving Temp: Chilled
Suggested Serve with: Main Dish, As Tokubetsu Junmai has a very clean taste, it goes well with not only Sashimi and Sushi, but with Tempura as well.

Hakkaisan is a very high quality sake made in the Niigata prefecture, Japan. The brewery is located in snow country and the water used for brewing sake is spring water that is filtered by rocks. The purity of this super soft water is what gives Hakkaisan Sake its very special clean smooth taste and flavor. This Tokubetsu Junmai is very smooth and a little dry.

Size: 720 ml Bottle Sizes
Price: US$23.25

Quantity desired: