Kikusui Funaguchi Jukusei

Region: Niigata
Brewery: Kikusui Shuzo Co.
Value on Sake scale: -3
Alcohol: 19
Suggested Serving Temp: Chilled or over rocks
Suggested Serve with: Appetizer or after meal
Flavor Profile: Delivers the just pressed drinking enjoyment once reserved for brewery visitors. Nama Genshu is the fresh-pressed, undiluted, non-pasterized brew. Relish the aroma of rich sweet rice and the satin-smooth flavor of sugar and stewed pears.

One of the characteristics of Kikusui Funaguchi Nama Genshu is that it can be aged in the can, if stored properly between 46 degrees F and 50 degrees F. Sold in sets of 3 (200 ml) cans in a decorative box.

Size: 200 ml x 3 Bottle Sizes
Price: US$22.50

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