Ikkomon 48P (Sweet Potato)

Region: Kagoshima
Brewery: Komaki Jozo
Alcohol: 24
Suggested Serving Temp: Chilled, on the rocks, warmed
Suggested Serve with: Well-Seasoned Dishes, Well Seasoned Meats, Fried Chicken, Yakitori, Grilled Fish, Creamy Dishes
Flavor Profile: Sweet yet refreshing aroma and flavor.

Ikkomon is made with Imo (sweet potatoes) Koji. This makes Ikkomon a distinctive beverage, because other Imo Shochu are generally made with Kome (rice) Koji. Enjoy the authentic Imo flavor.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018 - Gold Medal Winner

48 Proof Otsu-rui

Ingredients: Sweet potato (Kogane-sengan)
Koji: Sweet potato

Size: 750 ml Bottle Sizes
Price: US$37.00

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