Kikumasamune Kimoto

Region: Nada, Hyogo
Brewery: Kikumasamune SBC, Ltd.
Value on Sake scale: + 5
Alcohol: 14
Suggested Serve with: , Complements medium flavored dishes: unagi, teriyaki chicken.
Flavor Profile: Blueberries and strawberries on the nose with flavors of almonds, tart pear and melon in the finish.

The Kimoto method relies on the lactic acid cultures which thrive in the brewery's hundred year+ old structure. They disperse naturally into the mash for a slow, old-fashioned fermentation process to produce a luscious and straightforward Sake, with Kikumasamune's signature dry taste.

Size: 1.8 L Bottle Sizes
Price: US$28.00

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