Region: Nada, Hyogo
Brewery: Takara Shuzo Co.
Value on Sake scale: + 2
Alcohol: 15 - 16
Suggested Serving Temp: Chilled - Slightly Warmed
Suggested Serve with: , Shirakabegura can be served with a wide variety of dishes.

Shirakabegura is carefully crafted using Gohyakumangoku Sake rice, the renowned Miyamizu waters which flow abundantly through the Nada region, and with the hearts and souls of its seasoned creators. Brewed in small batches and fermented unhurriedly at low temperatures, Shirakabegura is clean and smooth. Relish the sweet rice flavor as it unfolds with each sip.

Size: 1.8 L Bottle Sizes
Price: US$33.00

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