Kikumasamune Honkano (presently discontinued)

Region: Nada, Hyogo
Brewery: Kiku-Masamune
Value on Sake scale: + 4.5
Alcohol: 15
Suggested Serving Temp: Slightly warmed
Flavor Profile: For optimal enjoyment, serve slightly warmed, to no higher than 104 degrees F.

The Kimoto brewing, which is an ancient, natural brewing method of airborne lactic acid cultures to start the Sake fermentation process. These cultures disperse naturally into the Sake mash, for a slow, old-fashioned fermentation. Kikumasamune Brewery re-introduces Kimoto Zukuri, brewing in the heritage-old brewery full of these special cultures, to produce a luscious and straightforward Sake, along with a signature clean and dry taste.

Size: 720 ml Bottle Sizes
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