Hojun Zuiyo

Region: Kumamoto
Brewery: Zuiyo Co.
Value on Sake scale: +5
Alcohol: 15 - 16
Suggested Serving Temp: Chilled or on the rocks
Suggested Serve with: Appetizers, This Sake pairs well with many dishes, even BBQ meats.
Flavor Profile: Dry, yet mild and mellow.

The 720ml comes in a black bag with golden Chinese characters which attracts attention even before it is opened.

With one sip, the flavor of gentle rice UMAMI will hint mild, mellow sake. But in fact Hojun Zuiyo is quite dry (+5.0) with a nice acidity level. Well-known sake critics mentioned "This Sake fits North American dishes. It is an American Type of Sake".

Size: 720ml Bottle Sizes
Price: US$19.00

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