Region: Nada, Hyogo
Brewery: Kikumasamune SBC., Ltd.
Value on Sake scale: + 3.5
Alcohol: 15
Suggested Serving Temp: Room Temp.
Suggested Serve with: Appetizers - Main Dish, Light to medium flavored vegetable, fish, seafood or chicken dishes.
Flavor Profile: Mild and crisp flavors of underripe pear with a hint of cloves.

Suppressing the typically strong aroma of a Ginjyo, Kikumasamune Junmai Ginjyo utilizes the prized Yamada Nishiki Sakamai in pursuit of the perfect flavor balance. Serve at room temperature at around 60 degrees, to experience the full offering of its delicate flavor elements.

Size: 720 ml Bottle Sizes
Price: US$18.30

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