Sumiyoshi Goku Karakuchi

Region: Yamagata
Brewery: Taruhei Shuzo Co.
Value on Sake scale: + 7
Alcohol: 15.1
Suggested Serving Temp: Slightly chilled or warmed
Suggested Serve with: Main Dish - After Dinner, Heavier and oily foods.
Flavor Profile: Kiwi and tropical fruit aroma with spice and full black licorice flavor.

Using 100 % Yamagata grown Haenuki premium rice, Extra Dry Goku Karakuchi Sumiyoshi is produced with the traditional hand brewing technique. Easing on the carbon filtration preserves the natural golden hue and aroma of authentic Sake served long ago. Sumiyoshi is slowly fermented in cedar casks for an extended period at low temperature to achieve its extra-dry, yet pleasantly light and smooth flavors.

Size: 1.8 L Bottle Sizes
Price: US$48.50

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