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To deal with the last days of life of our company’s Owner,
our family owned and operated business will be closed until
Sunday, April 21st. Please do not place any orders, until after
that date, as our businesses will be closed. Thank you, in
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Kagamibiraki Set Rentals

For a Japanese Style Wedding, an Anniversary, Special Birthdays, Grand Openings, Festivals, Sporting Events or any other Special Occasions.

A time honored tradition of celebrating with the breaking of the Sake Taru (cask).

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Hammer, Scoop & Printed Ki-masu

Sake scoops, hammer &
custom printed ki-masu
(wooden cups)

Shochikubai 72L Taru

Shochikubai 72L Taru

Ed & Yuko aiming to break open the Taru

Aiming to break the Taru

Breaking the Taru

Breaking of the Taru

Ed serving Yuko

Groom serving his Bride

Kagamibiraki completed

Kagamibiraki completed

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All wedding images were provided by the courtesy of Joseph Nguyen Photography